History is teaching us that migrants should not be seen as parasites who come to profit from the benefits of society. Not seldom do they make tremendous contributions to their new homelands, either in politics, art, culture or science. From Nikola Tesla to Jonas Mekas, from Marina Abramovic to Milos Forman, to name a few.

In this program section we show work by people who contributed considerably to the film world of western Europe where they live, while originally coming from East and South East Europe. At the same time, the program aims to show how revitalized contemporary European cinema is, how an eclectic mix of non-western traditions, cultural connotations and sensibilities are creating the new identity of European contemporary cinema.

Let’s recall makers like Jasmin Dizdar who made Beautiful People (1999) in the UK, a satirical comedy that won Un Certain Regard Award in Cannes; or Fraulein (2006), made in Switzerland by Andrea Staka, that was awarded in Locarno. Here in the Netherlands, Ena Sendijarevic with Take Me Somewhere Nice (2019), that was awarded at IFFR and won the Heart of Sarajevo this year.

This section also presents films made by local filmmakers that look at the life of migrants; either in dealing with job opportunities, the way they adapt to the new social establishment, or their emotional charge of homesickness.

Join us from 6-10 November in Filmhuis Den Haag.