current relevant cinema

In the new currents of relevant cinema, we present strong authorial works that deal with engaging
topics and nourish very refined cinematic language. In many films, we feel the people’s need to
connect and act together; from Bosnia to Georgia, from Croatia to Serbia and Bulgaria.

Within our fiction films, there are lots of documentary ingredients. Some are shot in real-life frames,
professional actors have been ‘implanted’, some of them are inspired by true stories, and some are
hybrid films that openly combine two cinematic approaches and styles. Several films depict burning
issues like migration and challenge governments, policies of treating migrants, and a few films deal with
post-war traumas and the unsolved position of war veterans. A couple of directors explore an original
narrative style that playfully jumps from one reality to another.

Thirteen relevant and compelling stories made by accomplished directors like Branko Schmidt or Pjer
Zalica, Stefan Arsenijevic, Aida Begic, and Zornitsa Sophia. As well as by marvelous newcomers like
Antoneta Alamat Kusijanovic who won a Golden Palm at Cannes, Dina Duma and Sonja Tarokic with
their well-researched social accurate dramas, with brilliant actors’ performances; or Ukrainian-Swiss
story of Elie Grappe.

Few titles skilfully challenge one of the most difficult genres – comedy, and one of the rarely
explored genres in East Europe – thriller. Now we can enjoy memorable films done by actor-director
Michal Nohejl, duo Kapac-Mardesic whose black-humored thriller is one of the most exciting films
of this season, the debut of Darko Sinko and Georgian writer-actor turned director Ilo Glonti.