Option #0 = no option. It would have been great when styled according to the ENFF website, but the plugin has too many limitations on a technical level. For instance, only registered users can vote.


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Category : new talentssss
this is only a trailer

this is a song demo
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Option #1= checkbox style. We can pump it up with some simple/slick design and better user logic. It’s a straight-forward option and simple to use without any user labour. Would be nice to combine with some movie visuals – which depends on how you guys plan to do the online streaming. 

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Option #2= very similar to previous one; also checkbox style. This one is a bit more strict;  good options for being a bit strict with the audience. We can make new hybrids out of these two (in checkbox style)

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Option #3= ok, gotta be this one. The others require an upgrade in order to view results ugggghhh