The ENFF strives to get the audience in the Netherlands acquainted with the cinema and culture of the Eastern and Southeastern Europe. Every year we screen engaging and relevant feature fiction and documentary films, offer masterclasses and encounters with film directors, actors and producers. The Festival offers opportunities for schools and universities to participate in the Festival’s program and all the events for reduced rates.

Our carefully curated educational program is called Film & Class. The goal of this program is to spread film culture and knowledge among young audience about history, culture and lifestyle of the South East and East European countries by showing them contemporary thought-provoking films and engaging them in lively discussions with filmmakers. We also provide a film reader with additional information for teachers as a guide to help initiate a vibrant film discussion in the classroom.

In the past three years, the ENFF has collaborated successfully with several schools and universities in The Netherlands, namely HKU (Utrecht), UvA (Amsterdam), Webster University (Leiden), European School of The Hague, Haarlem College and Arnhem Business School with many different educational activities taking place at several locations. Their positive feedback and enthusiasm for more was proof that the education segment of the Festival will continue to grow and develop. Encouraged by previous years’ successes and recognising the importance of educating younger audience, we move on into 2018 edition with three engaging documentaries.

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This year’s Film & Class film is incredibly touching and personal documentary MY OWN PRIVATE WAR by Lidija Zelovic, award-winning Amsterdam-based filmmaker. A must-see for anyone who wants to learn more about their own place in the world. Dwelling into her own past and conflicting accounts of the war within her family, Zelovic’s film tells us a much wider story than just one about how war in Bosnia changed her life for good. Searching for the truth, coming to terms with the past and finding a way to move forward is what Zelovic is trying to achieve during her difficult but liberating personal journey. The detailed film reader for this Dutch TV film will be provided free of charge.

Screening Time:
Thursday 8 November & Friday 9 November | Filmhuis Den Haag


Part of this year’s Film & Class programme is an engaging documentary TITITA by renowned Hungarian director Tamas Almasi. A deeply humane story about the chance for a better life of a young Roma-boy with great musical talent. Anti is selected for at prestigious guitar summer school, and hereby given an unexpected opportunity to break out from his seemingly predestined life. A moving coming-of-age documentary awarded with Special Jury Prize at Sarajevo Film Festival in 2015. The detailed film reader is available. Screening will be followed by Q&A with the main protagonist Antal Kuru.

Screening Time:
Thursday 8 November | 09:00 hours | ‘T Hoogt, Utrecht
Friday 9 November | 12:00 hours | Filmhuis Den Haag


For students coming to Filmtheater ‘t Hoogt in Utrecht, the ENFF will organize a special screening of YUGOSLAVIA, HOW IDEOLOGY MOVED OUR COLLECTIVE BODY, by Marta Popivoda. Image-culture has rapidly changed over the course of the past few decades and is a topic that young generations are particularly sensitive and intelligent to. The film develops a complex relationship between images and their viewer, and places this in context with ideology and politics. It also touches on topics such as the performative body and cinematic juxtaposition. Join this special screening and get a chance to talk to the director Marta Popivoda during an elaborate Q&A after the film. This will provide the opportunity for an in-depth and open discussion about the film, its concepts, the techniques and the researcher/artist’s practice. More info here or via

Screening Time: TBA


Celebrating the European Day of Languages, annually on September 26th, ENFF organises an exciting film and language program for high school students. We learn about languages through the medium of cinema, telling stories of different cultures, exciting backgrounds, trying to notice the distinctive sounds of a certain language, melody and linguistic belonging. Through carefully selected four short films from Eastern Europe and a lecture from a distinguished linguist and professor Radovan Lucic from the University of Amsterdam, youngsters will be introduced to Eastern European languages and learn more about them. Free admission for students.

Screening Time:
Friday 9 November | 15.00 – 16.30 hours | Het Nutshuis, The Hague

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Saturday 10 November | 16.00 – 17.00 hours
Filmhuis Den Haag | Studio B | Free admission

The European film landscape is rich, broad and complex. How to get noticed with my first or second short film or documentary? How to solve a dilemma – whether I need a distributor or a sales agent? How to get one? What is the A.B.C. of the professional co-production scene? Join us and get kick-started in the film industry at ENFF!

For who: ENFF guests filmmakers, those coming from the East and Southeast of Europe, Dutch film students and Dutch young filmmakers

With whom: Mercedes Martínez-Abarca, film programmer and film industry advisor