ENFF On Tour: Bosnian drama MAY LABOR DAY in Rialto in Amsterdam

The Eastern Neighbours Film Festival On Tour special program is continuing with its first autumn visit to Amsterdam. This time we are bringing the Dutch premiere of Pjer Zalica’s drama MAY LABOR DAY to Rialto on October 22 at 14:30. As usual, the screening is with English subtitles and it will be accompanied by a special guest Antonije Nino Zalica and Balkan cocktails.

MAY LABOR DAY is the fourth feature film by Zalica who is known to the wider audience as the double winner of the European Film Awards with his movies Fuse (2003) and MGM Sarajevo: Covjek, Bog, Monstrum (1994). It premiered at the last edition of the Sarajevo Film Festival, where it was successfully shown at the closing ceremony.

The backbone of the film is an escape from the past and an attempt to live a normal life, despite the legacy of the war and numerous social and political problems that plague the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Amid preparations for the traditional Labor Day barbecue in a seemingly peaceful Sarajevo settlement, special forces arrest one of the locals on charges of war crimes. Fudo ends up behind bars, and the neighbours continue with their preparations as if nothing significant had happened. They refuse to accept that their long-term friend is a possible war criminal. The only one who seems to care about finding out the truth is his son Armin, who returned from Germany after years of absence. Armin is not alone, he also brought his bride, but his father does not know that she exists.

MAY LABOR DAY is a film that will not leave anyone indifferent. With an ensemble of the best actors from the region, it successfully conveys the feeling of a small place and its warmth, people who know the worst about each other but are supportive in times of need. 



Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, North Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro | 2022 | 113 min

PRODUCTION: Aida Huseinovic, Rusmir Efendic, Pjer Zalica – Association FORUM; Propeler Film, Sisters and Brother Mitevski, Backroom Production, Bas Celik, ABA Film

CAST: Muhamed Hadzovic, Emir Hadzihafizbegovic, Jasna Zalica, Admir Glamocak, Boris Isakovic, Labina MItevska



EDITING: Pjer Zalica       

LANGUAGE: Bosnian ( English subtitles)


Sarajevo Film Festival, 2022 – Closing Film