The best short film in the Female Perspective programme at the World of Film International Festival,  “Concert” is a compelling reflection on the dramatic life-changing story of a teenager.


Ajda’s carefree childhood is slowly mixing with puberty. She is inspired by her young guitar teacher Mojca, whom she really likes. Her attention is also piqued by a boy named Javor, a fact that Ajda’s friend Kiara is not too happy about. Lately, the two friends have been preparing for a concert as a guitar duo. A realisation at the concert forces Ajda to grow fast, as it changes her irreversibly.



Slovenia | 2019 | 11 min


PRODUCTION: Klemen Dvornik – Filmservis; NuFrame, Slovenian Film Centre

CAST: Tisa Skrabar, Neca Jazbec, Jus Golmajer, Marusa Majer

SCREENPLAY: Barbara Zemljic


EDITING: Ivana Fumic