Bernard Brkic, Luka Radovic
Director Bernard Brkic, Luka Radovic
Producer Studio 104A, Garden Productions
Writer Bernard Brkic
Camera Luka Radovic
Editor Luka Radovic
Cast Katarina Justic, Bernard Brkic, David Brkic, Ronja Seyfried
Year 2019
Length 15 min
Country Germany/The Netherlands
Subtitles English
Section Short Films, Big Stories
Screening Saturday 9 November | 13:15 hours | Filmhuis Den Haag
Sunday 10 November | 12:30 hours | Filmhuis Den Haag

A modern drama that deals with buried emotions and relationship gone cold. A story of a man trying to win his ex-wife back, full of comic moments. Screenings will be followed by Q&A with the director and actor Bernard Brkić.


Reviving a relationship is a very delicate task which inevitably brings back bad memories and calls for caution. As she assumes a distrustful and defensive attitude, he becomes more and more insecure until the moment when he spots in her bedroom an old photo of the two of them as a happy couple. That gives him courage, but his hope is not meant to last long. Bosnian actor turned director Bernard Brkic codirected with young Luka Radovic their debut film Hope.

Director's bio

Bernard Brkic was born on 15 April 1967 in Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He studied at the Academy of Performing Arts, University of Sarajevo, B&H (1987 – 1992) and at the Academy of Dramatic Arts, University of Zagreb, Croatia (1992). Since 1993, he lives in the Netherlands and works as a writer, actor and TV presenter. “Hope” is his first film, where he signs both – directing and production.

Luka Radovic was born at 21 October 1995 in Stuttgart, Germany. Since 2016, he is a student at Athanor film and Theater Academy in Passau, Germany. He is a third-year student, department – directing. Filmography: “Siegfried” (short), “Rache” (short).