A beautiful animated story about the legend of Slovenia’s Sleeping King, and a curious child on her way to discover her neighbour’s biggest secret. 


Little Ilona is a lively 7-year old girl. On a rainy day she visits her old mysterious neighbour. He is a great storyteller and tells her a story about legendary Slovenian hero King Matheus. With Ilona’s funny interruptions, together they create their own imaginary world and she discovers the neighbour’s great secret. A cinematic journey into national heritage and folk tales through a child’s eyes.



Slovenia | 2017 | 11 min


PRODUCTION: Bojan Mastilovic – Iridium Film

ANIMATION: Jure Lavrin, Marko Lavrin

STORYBOARD: Tanja Semion

EDITING: Jure Lavrin

MUSIC: Dejan Doslo


Animafest, Zagreb 2018