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An original film that creates a visually exciting and alternative monument to Sonja, one of the first Yugoslav partisans and an Auschwitz survivor, and many other unknown heroes of the antifascist fight. Winner of Heart of Sarajevo award 2021. 


97-year-old antifascist fighter Sonja was one of the first female partisans in former Yugoslavia. She joined the Communists fighting the Nazis who occupied Serbia during the Second World War, and after being taken to Auschwitz became a resistance leader there. By listening to Sonja’s stories, we travel through the landscapes of her revolutionary past, as her memories start to intertwine with the filmmakers’ own confrontation with the rising fascism in Europe today. For over 10 years, director Marta Popivoda and Sonja’s grandniece and co-author of the film Ana Vujanovic recorded their conversations with Sonja. What starts off as a celebration of the resistance of one woman, gradually turns into a cinematic antifascist manifesto. A stunning film essay that creatively uses interviews, amazing archive footage and lucid cinematic solutions of intimate confessions, showing how a landscape can speak.



Serbia, Germany, France | 2021 | 95 min


PRODUCTION: Dragana Jovovic, Marta Popivoda – Theory at Work; Jasmina Sijercic – Bocalupo Films

SCREENPLAY: Marta Popivoda, Ana Vujanovic


EDITING: Jelena Maksimovic

SOUND: Jakov Munizaba


International Film Festival Rotterdam, 2021 – World Premiere (Tiger Competition) | Cinéma du Réel, Paris – Libraries Award | Vision du réel, IFF Nyon | Jeonju IFF, South Korea – Best picture | Thessaloniki Documentary Festival – Golden Alexander Award | Sarajevo Film Festival – Best Documentary