Jure Pavlovic
Director Jure Pavlovic
Producer Bojan Kanjera, Biljana Tutorov, Jure Pavlovic – Sekvenca; Wake Up Film & Video Production, Les Films de l'oeil sauvage, Udruzenje Novi film
Writer Jure Pavlovic
Camera Jana Plecas
Editor Jure Pavlovic, Dragan Von Petrovic
Cast Daria Lorenci-Flatz, Neva Rosic, Vera Zima
Original Title MATER
Year 2019
Length 95 min
Country Croatia / Serbia / France / Bosnia and Herzegovina
Subtitles English

A great debut by the Croatian director who made his name with a brilliant short film Picnic, the Best European short film at European Film Awards 2015 (screened also at ENFF). While in the short he tackled a father-son relationship, now he dwells into complex mother-daughter love-hate connection. The film has already won many major awards, as well as praise for Daria Lorenci-Flatz’s stunning performance.
The screening will be introduced by producer Biljana Tutorov.


Jasna leaves her children and husband in Germany and returns to her small hometown in Croatia, in order to care for her dying mother. Now, as an adult, she has to deal again with a difficult relationship between mother and daughter burdened by a rigid tradition, family history and stubborn characters. The dynamic between parent and child is heavy on both of them and Jasna’s intention to do her best in the last days of mother’s life becomes a disturbing drama.

"After so many tyrannical patriarchs on film, the time has come – completely in line with Mediterranean tradition – to meet a tyrannical matriarch…" (Jurica Pavicic, Jutarnji list)


Ticket sale starts on the first festival day – 4th of November