TAM 4500

Momir Matovic
Director Momir Matovic
Producer Momir Matovic - MATFILM Montenegro
Writer Momir Matovic
Editor Ljiljana Vukobratovic
Camera Momir Matovic
Sound Velibor Hajdukovic, Nebojsa Zoric
Screening Friday 9 November | 17:45 hours | Filmhuis Den Haag
Sunday 11 November | 12:15 hours | Filmhuis Den Haag
Year 2017
Length 23 min
Country Montenegro
Subtitles English

An incredible story about a bizarre lorry and a man…


Every single day, Risto Bacovic (age 62) from the Montenegrin village of Klenak leaves in his vehicle some irreal life of his own for the life of reality, which is demanding and requires its own ways: meetings, assistance, worries, duties… One of the best known documentary makers from Montenegro, whose films were screened at the IDFA, DOK Leipzig, Krakow and many other big festivals, is nourishing his own style for already 30 years. This is his latest short film gem.

Director's bio

Momir Matovic was born in 1951 in Titograd (Podgorica), Republic of Montenegro. He graduated from the Faculty of Drama, Film and Television – division for Cine Camera, Belgrade. His filmography includes: Bank Of Life (1984), Metres Of Life (1986), Same As Tomorrow (1988), Red Line Of The Ujkic House (1990), A 68 Year Long Night (1991), The Last Cinema Show (1992), I Know How (1993), String Of Life (1996), Delivery Of A Nation (1997).