Thursday 8 November | Filmhuis Den Haag

Check out the atmosphere of the second day at the Eastern Neighbours Film Festival in Filmhuis Den Haag. Yesterday we screened remarkable films by daring and original female cineasts: DEDE by Mariam Khachvani, a compelling drama set in the beautiful Caucasus Mountains, in the presence of Georgian actress Natia Vibliani. Kosovar director Blerta Zeqiri presented THE MARRIAGE, a love story within a gay community in the patriarchal Balkans. Together with the European Parliament, ENFF screened the LUX Prize film THE OTHER SIDE OF EVERYTHING by Serbian director Mila Turajlic who talked with the audience via Skype. Furthermore, the screening of Hungarian film COYOTE was followed by Q&A with the scriptwritter Balazs Lovas. An exciting day!

Photos by Mladen Pikulic