44 films, 31 Dutch premieres, 23 guests – film directors, actors, producers

A compelling Serbian film, A GOOD WIFE, will have its Dutch premiere in the presence of the director/actress MIRJANA KARANOVIC. Famous Balkan humour at its best in the thrilling TRAIN DRIVER’S DIARY by MILOS RADOVIC, we welcome the film’s director and the main actor/producer LAZAR RISTOVSKI to The Hague. The emotional drama UNGIVEN with IVO GREGUREVIC and NADA DJUREVSKA will have its Dutch premiere in the presence of the Croatian director BRANKO SCHMIDT.

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More highlights from the program

From Macedonia LAZAR by SVETOZAR RISTOVSKI and AMOK by VARDAN TOZIJA bring socially relevant stories and the latter will be presented by the director. While from Turkey, we host the young director CAGIL NURHAK AYDOGDU and her award winning film YARIM (THE HALF). Kosovo born director VISAR MORINA tells an important story on migration in BABAI. From the Cannes selection we are proud to present the Dutch premiere of PANAMA by PAVLE VUCKOVIC, who will also give a master class during the festival. The opening feel-good film ALL THE BEST by SNJEZANA TRIBUSON will put you in a special, festive mood.