This last Sunday will be the cherry on your cinema pie! Today see how water connects not only places but people, take a visual art perspective on cinema, see a Yugoslav classic and enjoy closing night! And your last chance to win a trip to Montenegro!


Two films that show a provoking visual perspective. For the visual connoisseur! Come contemplate on – ARAF, a poetic and haunting elegy of displacement shot in Bosnia and Herzegovina, while Montenegrian SEPARATION, VIVID DREAMS, depicts the return of an artist to a tumbled-down home: feeling caught between the war-torn past and a bleak future. Guest: director Bojana Radulovic


What is the new identity of European contemporary cinema? What kind of new themes, different, refreshed aesthetics do filmmakers bring in their work? We will TALK about this topic with ENFF film makers, whose films are part of the CINEMA BY MIGRANTS/CINEMA ON MIGRANTS program. Free entrance!

poetic encounters on a Croatian river

Poetic visuals of the director’s hometown in Croatia that was once a thriving multinational community. Critics proclaim ON THE WATER as one of Goran Devic’s best achievements and the jury of the DOK Leipzig honoured him because it ‘’beautifully shows that despite the trauma and the scars of war, humanity and survival transcend’’.

Last Chance for a Cult Classic

A 1989 Yugoslav grand love affair that still captures hearts of many. KUDUZ is inspired by a real person, who after returning from prison, chooses a quiet family life with a stunningly beautiful woman. However, her behaviour triggers a chain of events that destroy their love. This compelling love story won dozens of awards, including Golden Arena for Best Actress and Audience Award in Pula. Guest: actress Snezana Bogdanovic


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Closing Night!

We don’t only look back on five days full of the best Eastern European cinema, tonight we all also look back 30 years in time. And remember: how did the abrupt change of regime really affect us on a personal level? We look at this through the eyes of two young women, teachers of Russian, who lost their jobs suddenly. Join us for the 1992 classic SWEET EMMA, DEAR BOBE by legend of European cinema, Hungarian Istvan Szabo.