A year of the quiet son by krzysztof zanussi


Another film classic we are bringing to the Netherlands is asking us whether a man can be happy in the face of tragic occurrences. A YEAR OF THE QUIET SUN (1984) by European film master Krzysztof Zanussi is a deeply moving romance between two mature people who both passed their 40ties, and are dealing with serious issues in their lives. This film was coldly received at home in Poland but highly appreciated by big festivals like Venice, where it won the Golden Lion. It became a film classic, one of the strongest love stories that are framed within post-war Europe. The excellent performances of Maja Komorowska, the Polish theatre and film diva, and American actor Scott Wilson are wonderfully establishing a notion of Love being marked by the constant presence of Death. Impressive photography by the famous Slawomir Idziak (DOP of Kieslowski) brings out the best of this non-stereotypical love story.

For many years ENFF keeps the program section Old Gold in which we honour those films that stand the test of time and became appreciated and relevant for new generations as well. This edition we choose LOVE as a theme for this section. In the selected film, love and love affairs are deeply embodied in political connotations and they have to be understood within that frame. However, a strong emotional charge that is crucial for those films always enhances the deeper meaning of the narrative.

Save the date: Saturday 9 November at 14:45 hours in Filmhuis Den Haag.