Thought-provoking films about the past and present, and shaping the future together! The second day of the festival brings several films that deal with the topic of living and understanding each other and the world around us.

Directors DANIËLLE BREMER and FISNIK MAXHUNI are both connected to Kosovo. LORD OF THE HOUSE explores the position of women today and LOST EXILE the tragedy of human trafficking in the Balkans. Both directors will be presents to interact with the audience. After this screening we have a cocktail offered by the embassies of Kosovo and Switzerland.

Special treat: amazing award winning film WHITE GOD by Hungarian director Kornél Mundruczó. Join this free screening made possible by European Parliament and get a chance to talk to the scriptwriter KATA WEBER during the masterclass.

Our FOCUS: ROMANIA, 10 YEARS LATER, brings contemporary Romanian films in the light of the county’s presence within the EU. ANA AGOPIAN, the scriptwriter of BREAKING NEWS will talk to the focus program curator Corina Burlacu after this compelling, award-winning film.

RAJKO GRLIC, one of the best directors of the ex-YU region presents the Dutch premiere of his black comedy THE CONSTITUTION with fantastic roles played by Ksenija Marinkovic, Nebojsa Glogovac and Dejan Acimovic.

We also zoom in on upcoming Eastern European talents with their amazing shorts from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Hungary and Serbia.

Croatian Serb from Austria, DJORDJE ČENIĆ, ponders about his identity in his amazingly charming autobiographical film full of Balkan humor, politics and exciting thoughts. Join his debate after the film DOWN THERE today.

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